Photos and Videos

Being the only Mashgichim who speak Italian, throughout the years Rabbi Lazar and Rodal were Mekadesh Shem Shamayim many times in Calabria, almost every other year another TV program comes to film the process of the cutting of the Esrogim.

They are also invited as the official rabbis at all the events in the area about Jews or Esrogim.

Below are some videos (in Italian).

The Rebbe doing Nanuim in the first years


2010 - Channel Rai Due

Sorgente di Vita


2006 - Channel Rai Tre

Geo & Geo

2011 - Channel Tele Cosenza
Sixth Conference on the Esrog

2008 - Channel Rai Tre
I cedri della Calabria

2011 - World Diffusion Idea
Sixth Conference on the Esrog

2016 - TEOtv
Sukkot - Il cedro di Calabria e la festa delle capanne

2019 - Great Big Story
Could This Fruit Be the World’s Most Prized?


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